Backup Provider

Using Airosurf along with your primary internet provider.

Much of today’s business relies on internet applications and services. Uninterrupted internet connectivity is necessary to maintain smooth-running operations and happy customers. Also, companies often want to provide internet access to customers or guests while maintaining physical separation from their corporate network. Airosurf is the solution to either scenario.

Airosurf’s fixed wireless internet service makes an excellent choice for internet redundancy.


      • Most primary internet services run on existing wired networks. Airosurf’s wireless connection provides a backup service option utilizing a physically diverse network path.


      • Airosurf’s alternative service is unaffected by outages resulting from local cable cuts or other upstream network issues.


      • A third-level backup option utilizing cell-based LTE technology is also available. This provides even greater network diversity and downtime protection.


Secondary internet connection enhances security and flexibility:

Often a company needs flexible internet options, such as providing internet access to employees, customers or guests without threatening the security of valuable company data or processing systems.

The Solution?

Use Airosurf with your primary provider. Leverage the power of two internet service connections to maintain separate networks for specific business functions. (guest/customer use, POS systems, security devices, employee wi-fi, non-voice traffic, etc…)

How Does it Work?

  • Simple. With our service installed, we provide a network device to facilitate auto-fail over to Airosurf’s service in the event of a primary service outage – no manual switching necessary.